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Sony Verse Microsoft. Is it good for gamer’s?

Is Microsoft’s Poor game selection compared to Sony actually helping keep the industry competitive? I had touched on this in several articles over the past couple months.  There is such a great disparity between the […]

Jade Empire. Entirely Underrated.

Jade empire was a game made by Bioware back in 2005 and was under whelmed by critics and reviews.  I remember when I played this game on release I was impressed with the game. It […]

I Enjoyed Dishonored More On PC!

I tried playing Dishonored when it first came out on my console and it did not happen. I just could not get the movement of the game in sync with a controller. I am not […]

The IOC is full of morons. Gamer Weekly Episode #7

Fortnite Posed to Surpass: Fortnite is going to soon become the most played video game of all time. With the move to playablity on mobile devices in it early beta testing with consumers; the game […]

New Sea Of Thieves Trailer, With Kraken!

The new game Sea of Thieves release s just around the corner.  On March 15th, 2018 Microsoft and Rare games gave another sneak peak at the exciting Xbox 1 exclusive title. The game looks to […]

Game Streaming Is The Market To Grow.

There was a time when I would have Said Nope.  Over the last ten years streaming has been a blow up segment of the market in form of entertainment.  Gaming will more then likely not […]