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I miss not flying in World of Warcraft!

I know there is an endless slue of reasons players like this expansion over that expansion. I also came into World of Warcraft later in the game. I have friends that play the game that […]

My Favorite City In world Of Warcraft.

My Favorite City in World of Warcraft:: I sat down this week to think about my favorite city in world of Warcraft.  There are several cities that I enjoy going to in game.  I love […]

Mounts In World Of Warcraft Are Awesome

When I first began to play World Of Warcraft there where several things that I truly looked forward to.  One of those things is something I still enjoy to this day when playing.  Mounts. I […]

Why I do not have but still want a proto drake.

They are awesome. Picture yourself  cruising through Stormwind or Org, and Bam there one is. They take up this epic foot print, breath visible, like some feral monster ready to break loose from it’s tether […]

What is the best sound in a video game?

What is your favorite sound in a video game? I thought I knew but then I spent way to much time trying to figure it out for this video. Thanks for stopping by. I hope […]

Why Wrath Of the Lich King Is The Best!

I have always had a love affair with wow.  More specifically I have always had a soft spot for the WOTLK expansion.  These are my top five reasons why I think wrath of the lich […]

Sunday World Of Warcraft Game play!

Had my first experience trying to stream on Twitch Sunday Night.  My Son stopped in for a little bit to hang out and my doberman really just wanted some attention.