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Gamer Weekly Video #7

This will be our 7th straight week in putting out the Gamer Weekly Video on YouTube.  We hope you enjoy it!   Advertisements

#myperfectlife Thursdays Vlog #perspectiveiseverything

My Vlog for the last week.  I had a good week and I hope you did as well.

World Of Warcraft Wednesday! #Worldofwarcraftwednesday

My Thoughts on the first time I played WOW, and how I view a certain area of the Game.

Top Five Epic Male Cosplayers!

These are my pick for the top 5 male consplayers of 2018  

Trump, Super Smash Bros, Steam, Blackops 4.

What a great week in the world of video games!

Personal Thoughts For The Week!

Had  a great week.  Hope you all did as well.  I know i have learned a ton and I hope it is showing!