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Xbox Gold Membership Games in April 2018

One of the some would say many and some would say few perks of having a Xbox Gold Memebership is some of the free games you get.  I would lend myself to the first camp.  […]

Grainger Games Closing in UK closing for good.

Grainger Games in the based in the UK closes 67 Store Locations of its 400 employees as of the 29th of this march. This is one of the largest store closures in the video market […]

Gamer Weekly Video Episode #8

Last week I Posted my 8th consecutive Gamer Weekly.  It is a video I post every Friday about news surrounding the world of video games.  Something I greatly love.  I hope you have a moment […]

Rolling Stones Magazine can’t even get the obvious right.

Rolling Stone Magazine publishes an article on blank date about the accuracy of war games. The article takes great apins to point out the obvious point that call of duty is not an accurate representation […]

Why E-Sports Are Not sports & Should Not Be In The Olympics.

This topic will be something that we will hear more over the coming months and years. There has been a fairly consent push for the 1.5 billion dollar industry surrounding the competitive video game playing […]

Why Wrath Of the Lich King Is The Best!

I have always had a love affair with wow.  More specifically I have always had a soft spot for the WOTLK expansion.  These are my top five reasons why I think wrath of the lich […]

Sunday World Of Warcraft Game play!

Had my first experience trying to stream on Twitch Sunday Night.  My Son stopped in for a little bit to hang out and my doberman really just wanted some attention.