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Rockstar Hate Women In Real Life & In Video Games. Gamer Weekly Episode #10

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by. This week in the world of Video game News EA, and Others losing Stock Value, Rockstar Games has the biggest pay gap in UK., Inde Game […]

Progress Is Still Progress, Weekly Vlog.

I had one of those mixed weeks.  Things went well, but it did not seem to be as big or as fast as I wanted.  

LA Video Game Stores Beware The Shaggy Bandit:

That is correct.  The L.A.P.D is looking for a man they have dubbed the shaggy bandit in connection with a video game store robbery.  The robbery suspect entered the Game Stop Store at the Platt […]

Is this the new emerging face of video game stores?

I ran across this article in the Chicago tribune, with a local feature.  The article was about a small game store owner who really has a passion for the business he owns; Video Games then […]

Why I do not have but still want a proto drake.

They are awesome. Picture yourself  cruising through Stormwind or Org, and Bam there one is. They take up this epic foot print, breath visible, like some feral monster ready to break loose from it’s tether […]

I hate Conflict at work.

This week when I sat down to down my Thursday vlog, I had been going through a significant amount of conflict at work.  Looking back it now that my emotions have cooled off, I have […]

2018 Video Game hall of fame finalists….

 Video Game Hall Of fame. Finalists have been selected.  The 12 games that are in the running are as follows. Asteroids: eased by Atari in 1979, the game sold more than 70,000 arcade units.  Call […]