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Teaching Your Child To Game.

As I a parent I am concerned about the amount of time my child…soon to be plural spends in front of screens.  Research (one of many studies’ here) continues to shed light on issues related […]

Net Neutrality Gamer Weekly Episode #11

This week in the realm of video game news Fortnite patch 3.5, E3 Schedule announced, Blizz con 2018, publishers fighting for net neutrality laws. Video Game publishers join the fight for net neutrality.  To little […]

Video Game publishers join the fight for net neutrality

To little to late?  The Entertainment Software Association has entered the fight for net neutrality.  While this may seem counter to the goals of some of the publishers that the ESA represents like Electronic Arts, […]

Politics Behind Our Screens.

So I often I forget that there is bias in the media I consume.  There is bias in this article being read right now.  I watch movies, read books, play video games, watch video’s on […]