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Top Five Xbox (Original) Games of All Time.

Welcome to top Five at total mage. Today we will be doing the top five Original Xbox Games. The Xbox created and released by Microsoft in 2001 would be so successful it would eventually drive […]

Which FPS Game Is The Best?

FPS games have rocked the video game market for the better half of two decades.  There have been so many made in such a range of styles it makes it a tough question.  If you […]

Why I still Play Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online is still a thing right? I still play it, and some days while infrequently I wonder why I continue to play. I believe there are two reasons why I still enjoy Elder […]

Donald Trump Loves COD/Hates Halo.

I know this may touch some immature, vulnerable, emotionally stunted gamer who cannot work off anything other than feelings, but Halo is better than C.O.D. I want to start this article with a disclaimer. * […]

I Miss The Social Aspect Of Gaming!

I still remember to this day picking up the rocket launcher in Halo 2 on the Zanzibar map. I picked it up and looked over the edge of the ledge I was standing on. The […]