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Sony Verse Microsoft. Is it good for gamer’s?

Is Microsoft’s Poor game selection compared to Sony actually helping keep the industry competitive? I had touched on this in several articles over the past couple months.  There is such a great disparity between the […]

Top 5 Evil Things EA Has Done.

Top 5 evil things that EA has done to gamer’s.  Below are the top 5 most aggressive things that EA has done from my perspective.  There is still a long list of things that they […]

Sunday World Of Warcraft Game play!

Had my first experience trying to stream on Twitch Sunday Night.  My Son stopped in for a little bit to hang out and my doberman really just wanted some attention.

Personal Thoughts For The Week!

Had  a great week.  Hope you all did as well.  I know i have learned a ton and I hope it is showing!  

Gamer Weekly Episode#4

Hello, Please take a moment and subscribe to us on YouTube. We really appreciate the help.  This will be my fourth week in a row creating the Gamer weekly video series and article. I am […]

Digital Game Market Lowers The Price Long Term.

Steam is a robust, innovative, and responsive platform that has changed how we view, and purchase PC games as a whole. Does that intern mean this is good for the end user? Twenty years ago […]

Violence, Children,& Video Games.

So often I am not home early enough in the day to get to spend time in the evening with my son. So Elizabeth and I have a slight ritual when I come home later […]