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The IOC is full of morons. Gamer Weekly Episode #7

Fortnite Posed to Surpass: Fortnite is going to soon become the most played video game of all time. With the move to playablity on mobile devices in it early beta testing with consumers; the game […]

Top Five Epic Male Cosplayers!

These are my pick for the top 5 male consplayers of 2018  

Gamer Weekly Episode #5

In the news this week we will cover President Trump trying to Scapegoat Video Games, Hezbollah and there use of FPS to recruit, Moronic Judge in Illinois,  and this week in our Feature Cosplay Corner  […]

Top five cosplay artists.

These are my top five favorite female cosplay artists. Who is your favorite cosplay artist?

Gamer Weekly Episode#4

Hello, Please take a moment and subscribe to us on YouTube. We really appreciate the help.  This will be my fourth week in a row creating the Gamer weekly video series and article. I am […]

Gamer Weekly #3

This week in gaming news Rumors began circulating in the last ten days that Google may be trying to break into the video game market.  The code name for the project “yeti” has been in […]