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COD Black Ops to have Multiplayer Campaign focus…….

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming soon, and Treyarch and has been been said in unconfirmed reports to making a game with no campaign. The game will focus solely on online content is […]

2018 Video Game hall of fame finalists….

 Video Game Hall Of fame. Finalists have been selected.  The 12 games that are in the running are as follows. Asteroids: eased by Atari in 1979, the game sold more than 70,000 arcade units.  Call […]

Trump, Super Smash Bros, Steam, Blackops 4.

What a great week in the world of video games!

Which FPS Game Is The Best?

FPS games have rocked the video game market for the better half of two decades.  There have been so many made in such a range of styles it makes it a tough question.  If you […]

Donald Trump Loves COD/Hates Halo.

I know this may touch some immature, vulnerable, emotionally stunted gamer who cannot work off anything other than feelings, but Halo is better than C.O.D. I want to start this article with a disclaimer. * […]