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Sony Verse Microsoft. Is it good for gamer’s?

Is Microsoft’s Poor game selection compared to Sony actually helping keep the industry competitive? I had touched on this in several articles over the past couple months.  There is such a great disparity between the […]

Gamer Weekly Episode #6

This week in the world of gaming this was the news that caught my attention. During Nintendo’s Direct Live Stream Thursday they announced that Super Smash Bros is going to launch on the switch console […]

Trump, Super Smash Bros, Steam, Blackops 4.

What a great week in the world of video games!

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 #Blizzard

I know I am writing a little late in the game on this patch release.  I wanted to see what had triggered this avalanche of complaining on line through my own experience.  I do not […]