Top Five Epic Male Cosplayers!

These are my pick for the top 5 male consplayers of 2018  

Trump, Super Smash Bros, Steam, Blackops 4.

What a great week in the world of video games!

Personal Thoughts For The Week!

Had  a great week.  Hope you all did as well.  I know i have learned a ton and I hope it is showing!  

Bethseda E3 Announcement.

What did the cryptic announcement from Bethseda this last Friday mean.  Was there something behind what they put out.  These are my thoughts.  Let me know what yours are.  

Game Streaming Is The Market To Grow.

There was a time when I would have Said Nope.  Over the last ten years streaming has been a blow up segment of the market in form of entertainment.  Gaming will more then likely not […]

Gamer Weekly Episode #5

In the news this week we will cover President Trump trying to Scapegoat Video Games, Hezbollah and there use of FPS to recruit, Moronic Judge in Illinois,  and this week in our Feature Cosplay Corner  […]