To My Son Michael

What did we miss you and I. Those moments of pure joy as you catch a glimpse into the depths of life’s wonder. Those momentary seconds when I catch the shape of your soul.  That […]

I miss not flying in World of Warcraft!

I know there is an endless slue of reasons players like this expansion over that expansion. I also came into World of Warcraft later in the game. I have friends that play the game that […]

Has the Golden Age of Gaming Passed?

Have we already lived through the Golden Age of video games. I was interacting with a post on Twitter several weeks back with the well Red Mage the many of his followers. The post revolves […]

Morrowind On the Xbox 1.

No I know what you are thinking.  I am not referring to ESO.  I am refereeing to the Original third elder scroll making its debut on the Xbox one as a backwards compatible game.  This […]

College Football To return to video games near you. 2020

New College Football game in the works after how many years. IMackulate Vision Gaming announced yesterday that they will be making a new College Football game. The last NCAA Football game that was made was […]

Why I bought Alienware instead of building this time.

*disclaimer. I am not endorsing Alienware. This was just my experience thus far. I have always been of the mind that I would rather build my pc then buy my pc. Recently i was looking […]