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Time off

Back in may of 2018 my life changed in a way I never imagined. Because of that change I lost part of my drive and passion for my hobbies. To be fair to myself I […]

To My Son Michael

What did we miss you and I. Those moments of pure joy as you catch a glimpse into the depths of life’s wonder. Those momentary seconds when I catch the shape of your soul.  That […]

2018 Video Game hall of fame finalists….

 Video Game Hall Of fame. Finalists have been selected.  The 12 games that are in the running are as follows. Asteroids: eased by Atari in 1979, the game sold more than 70,000 arcade units.  Call […]

Monster takes number one spot second month in a row.

Monster Hunter has been the game to play this year. Who can blame the market? The game is superb and we just see more and more content coming on the horizon. According to Forbes Magazine […]

Watch Why E-Sports are not Sports.

Over the last couple months this issue with IOC that is starting to build some steam in the video game community is bothering me for reasons that  rest on both sides of the issue.

#myperfectlife Thursdays Vlog #perspectiveiseverything

My Vlog for the last week.  I had a good week and I hope you did as well.