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Why I bought Alienware instead of building this time.

*disclaimer. I am not endorsing Alienware. This was just my experience thus far. I have always been of the mind that I would rather build my pc then buy my pc. Recently i was looking […]

Vlog Thursday: I am Not In Control.

I am not in control: This week has been trying in many respects.  My life is going through changes like everyone else life is.   In the places where I do not feel that I am […]

Progress Is Still Progress, Weekly Vlog.

I had one of those mixed weeks.  Things went well, but it did not seem to be as big or as fast as I wanted.  

I hate Conflict at work.

This week when I sat down to down my Thursday vlog, I had been going through a significant amount of conflict at work.  Looking back it now that my emotions have cooled off, I have […]