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Top 5 Super Nintendo Games Of All Time.

These are the top five super nes games of all time. The criteria for this list was intentionally and meticulously venerated. It has been scientifically calculated to represent the most accurate assessment of merits of […]

Microsoft Wants To Beat Twitch, Episode #9

Thanks for Stopping By today.  PLease take a moment to follow us if you enjoyed our heavliy slanted perspective:) At the Game Developers Conference In San Fran Last week, Award winning game developer Tracy Fullerton […]

Gamer Weekly Episode #8

The Issues with the Sea Of Thieves Launch are being Fixed and Developers over at rare have addressed players concerns with 24 hours of launch. They said that connection issues that players are having is […]

Gamer Weekly Video Episode #8

Last week I Posted my 8th consecutive Gamer Weekly.  It is a video I post every Friday about news surrounding the world of video games.  Something I greatly love.  I hope you have a moment […]

EA S.E.E.D program could change FPS forever

Take the following with a grain of salt as E.A is prone to making big promises, but we could be looking at the program that will change the challenging level of the genre. This has […]

Real Time Animation Capture With Unreal Engine.

We all know that animation as become every more realistic over the last five years. That realism is about to take a massive jump Forward.  With the use of the Unreal engine Epic has been […]

Why E-Sports Are Not sports & Should Not Be In The Olympics.

This topic will be something that we will hear more over the coming months and years. There has been a fairly consent push for the 1.5 billion dollar industry surrounding the competitive video game playing […]