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Why I bought Alienware instead of building this time.

*disclaimer. I am not endorsing Alienware. This was just my experience thus far. I have always been of the mind that I would rather build my pc then buy my pc. Recently i was looking […]

COD Black Ops to have Multiplayer Campaign focus…….

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming soon, and Treyarch and has been been said in unconfirmed reports to making a game with no campaign. The game will focus solely on online content is […]

Sea Of theives Patch Dropping With Tons of Content.

Sea of Thieves was received with great reviews and gamer’s have some awesome things to say about the style of the game, design, and environment.  That being said Sea of thieves has not gone without […]

My Favorite City In world Of Warcraft.

My Favorite City in World of Warcraft:: I sat down this week to think about my favorite city in world of Warcraft.  There are several cities that I enjoy going to in game.  I love […]

Twitch Blocked In Russia.

Earlier this month the Russian government had requested through there court system that Telegram turn over encryption keys to the government for reason of national security. (does this sound familiar)Telegram declined to comply with the […]

Sony Verse Microsoft. Is it good for gamer’s?

Is Microsoft’s Poor game selection compared to Sony actually helping keep the industry competitive? I had touched on this in several articles over the past couple months.  There is such a great disparity between the […]

Net Neutrality Gamer Weekly Episode #11

This week in the realm of video game news Fortnite patch 3.5, E3 Schedule announced, Blizz con 2018, publishers fighting for net neutrality laws. Video Game publishers join the fight for net neutrality.  To little […]