Dalaran WOW.

What is wrong with world of Warcraft? This is a question that has bothered me for some time now.  I initially feel in love with the game and gradually overtime that affection faded.  This fading is a singular phenomenon that I’ve experienced over the last 25 years of playing video games.  I can go back and play Skyrim now and enjoy it.  I can return to Jade Empire, Halo 1, Fable Lost Chapters heck I can go back and play Morrowind now and enjoy it.   I take enjoyment out of video games that I played over 20 years ago still to this day.

Sadly this is not the case with wow. I have been very anti/skeptic of classic wow for some time. My perception of Gamer’s who want to bring Classic WOW back as delusional in a sense. A trip down memory lane will not be the same as the initial trip.  Inversely I know there are multiple areas of Retail that have gone completely off the tracks. retail wow currently seems to be overwhelming in the amount of grind that is required to play the game, while at the same time lacking the general challenge that retail used to carry.

I was chatting with a close friend over lunch about this very topic and he pointed to the fact that Mythic it’s essentially what heroic used to be, and heroic is what normal used to be. Now why would two lower tiers of raiding change the game so much? This week I started an account on Dalaran WOW.  The blast of nostalgia was intense. I’m beginning to understand why people that initially cut their teeth on classic like I did on wrath of the lich King want classic to come back so bad.  I also am beginning to understand why bringing the difficulty down to a level of pedestrian-ism damage the overall game.

omne opus durum est , Nothing is truly worth having unless you have to work for it. The people that clamored and cried to Blizzard to lower the bar of expectation and requirement to raid inevitably got their way.  And in that path of appeasement and childproofing blizzard killed the thing that It created. I have been enjoying the leveling experience on Dalaran wow immensely.

I have died repeatedly, I have spent 10 hours playing the game with marginal results.  I forgot what it was like to actually have to work for that level ding.  I forgot how satisfying it was when I achieved a milestone.  I’m not interested in playing classic, but I know firmly understand why people want it back.  My experience with Dalaran wow has been amazing to say the least.  I will post more videos about my experience with the server, and my impressions of this nostalgic trip back into a game I loved so much in the coming months.

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