VENN Network: The Fox In The Hen House!

First I have to point out that NBC’s article on this has a misspelling in the first sentence. It should say news NBC. Not New. Good Grief. [Article Here]  Yeah they are really credible Susan Wojeski.

Onto the heart of the topic VENN a news network channel that will be singular in its focus on E-Sports has secured funding to the tune of 17 million dollars from larger interest in the industry.  The two founders that will be heading the enterprising new channel are Ariel Horn Formally of Riot and Blizzard and Ben Kusin formerly of Vivendi games that merged back in 2007 with Activision to form Activision Blizzard.  The two have there eye on tapping into the market that has grown to 150 billion dollars in annual revenue.

The Esports business has grown so successful that the people that are scared of the new media format that is crushing out the old school business models, are hoping to get there fingers around the new target audience as soon as possible.   Why would two men; from the company that is the cousin of Satan started called Activsion; want to come over to the main stream, and create a channel that no one that is really in the target audience will be watching.  I am 36 years old and I cant tell you how many years, perhaps over a decade it has been since I watched something on a television that wasn’t being streamed VIA internet or played locally from a disc.  The millennial generation and those to follow it have moved off from television, satellite, Cable and want to be on other platforms that have less control and are better expression of what people are really thinking.

That is why broad band is booming and direct TV is diversifying.  This is why there is so much Corporate pressure on Google and YouTube to clamp down on the media that comes of there sites.  This is why we are seeing corporate interests sprayed across YouTubes home page everyday.  The Zombie that is the main stream media is almost dead and they are coming for the only brains left.  The ones on YouTube.  The L.A. Times, NBC and, MSNBC all tried to allude to the thought that VENN will be the next generations MTV.  There will never be another MTV unless you think that what MTV is doing now is great and then by all means, go watch a Buzz feed video.  I mean it, go watch one right now and come back with a couple less IQ points.

To Quote MSNBC

Where music (and particularly music videos) was once the genre-spanning language for a generation, the two entrepreneurs see gaming culture as the touchstone for a new audience. And where fragmentation has created a confusing market for advertisers to reach that audience, the content funnel and single source that a network can provide offers an attractive alternative to reaching out to a single celebrity gamer, streamer, or platform.

Yes this is all we need. Another company controlled by another company trying to spoon feed us garbage we don’t want, and shit we don’t need.   Great. NBC and CNN ruined MTV, and ESPN, and now they want to create some syphilitic parasitical channel Called VENN that will take the same patronizing and sermonizing approach to its audience it used to kill the last two aforementioned brands.  Couple this with the gaff that when you search VENN, Article’s appear about the raising of a crazy 17 million dollars to start this network up with.  WOW. CNN international lost 10 million dollars last year and you heard nothing about it.  The idea that Activision, the ESA, and other greasy corporate interest are going to to try to reach out in a network style to capture the attention and the ears of gamer’s in the market should make us all concerned.  One of the reasons that gamer’s are not liked by the mainstream media is because we are mainstream.

We do not hang on every word that comes out of the anchors over at CNN, or whatever nonsense that Tucker Carlson may repeating at any given moment.  The do not like us because we do not and I hope that we never will fit into some neat little box for them to maximize there marketing efforts against.  So often I get caught up in the idea that I think that many of these companies in the Media and Game industry have some specific political agenda and as I grow older I began too understand that they really do not.  They have the same motives that all people that have been in positions of power have always had, Money and More power.  I am going to leave my thoughts here for the day as I worry that the longer I go the more whacked out I may become.

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Sincerely, TotalMage

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