Anthem: Time of death 9/17/19

On April 10th 2018 I posted a video to YouTube roughly seven minutes long picking apart the trailer that was shown to us at E3 that year that was presented to us as good, when in truth is was a pile of garbage.  That trash is the game known as Anthem. Aside from lawsuits everything that I said in that video a year in advance of Anthems release was accurate.  Since then I’ve made several short videos about the progression of Anthems failure, and this will be the last time that I editorialize on the game.

With the most recent press release from BioWare coming off of the desk of Chad head of live services, and the departure of the head developer of the Anthem project from BioWare I think we can now see that Anthem will not last a full year.  The statement from Chad includes the usual preliminary comments about how they desire to increase player engagement and they are motivated to continue to improve Anthem.


“First, I’m proud of our team for creating a fun new experience for our players. It represents the largest post-launch update that we’ve delivered so far. We were humbly excited by the increase in player engagement we’ve seen with the Cataclysm. The team and I appreciate the response and support — it is what keeps us motivated to continue to improve Anthem.”

I am completely unsure of what these people have to be proud of.  The cataclysm event is not even remotely close to what we had been shown a year and a half prior to the Cataclysm being released.  Additionally the event was released months after it was promised to the payer base.  Just look at the difference between what was sold to us at E3 and what we got.


Image result for anthem cataclysm v shaper storms

What we got.

Image result for anthem cataclysm

No perhaps I have unreasonable standards, and there is a very minimal difference between these two things.  If you look at these tow completely different events and come to that conclusion I have a very rare care i would like to sell you.  Please listing information below.  Only 50 grand.

2003 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Front.jpg

They go on to say that what’s next for Anthem; is they are finally willing after months of ignoring the player base regarding core game issues, they would like to take the time now to address them. But for the Anthem Team at BioWare to be able to address these core issues they will need to abandon their road map that they’ve promised they would stick to this entire time.

Just to refresh the reader:  Bioware at launch had a grand road map with three acts of content that would be releasing over the course of 2019.  The Acts continued to have there deadlines pushed out farther and Farther and inevitably a very small amount of the promised content was ever delivered.


“So what’s next for anthem? We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and reworking then quick fixes. We’ve got a team working on that now, and early results are promising. In order to address these long-term plans, we are moving away from The Acts structure for updates. Instead, we have additional seasonal updates plan for this year that we think players will enjoy.”

BioWare has offered a very subjective and vague promise of additional content that will continue to be seasonally made for the player base. I will give BioWare this one point. They learned from their mismanagement of Mass effect Andromeda.  They know now they simply can’t bold-faced lie to the player base, and days later pull the plug.

This news from BioWare and EA’s move of placing anthem into the library of EA origin users is the signal the Anthem is no longer going to be supported. I hope that gamer’s have taken some lesson from this.  I hope that gamer’s can begin to make decisions based off of facts and historical data, and not off feelings and desires for something to be real that is not real.

Enclosing I hope that Dragon Age is not drug through the mud and destroyed as a franchise in such an haphazard and easily avoidable way as Mass effect an anthem have been.

Thanks for stopping by!  TotalMage

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