Dear Phil Spencer

Dear  Mr. Spencer, I’m a huge fan. I have been a huge fan for a decade-and-a-half of Microsoft. When I bought my original Xbox I mistakenly accidentally purchased fable. I walked into the store and I picked out my Xbox and I got my copy of Halo 2 because I was that far behind on the Xbox curve and I looked at the clerk and I said I’m buying Xbox to play Halo 2, I want to buy two other games what should I be? This was in the late spring of 2005.

The the clerk without batting an eye said fable, and Jade empire. Two excellent games. I lost my job 3 days later when I popped in the Fable disc I’m site for 14 hours straight. And so began my love affair for an excellent franchise. The franchises of Halo and Fable have maintained me on the Xbox platform. Even when the release of the PS4 and their game library crushed, and I mean crushed Xbox library I stayed with Xbox. I have stayed with Xbox through the last iteration of console because I hadn’t lost hope that a new Fable game would be produced. For two years now there have been constant rumors about something going on at playground games. I know I know but you’re not watching this, I mean Mr. Spencer you’re not reading this. But if you were I just want to let you know I would not purchase another Xbox console unless there was a fable game attached to it

With your recent news on Sunday Eddie 3 but I can play the Halo franchise now on my PC there’s no reason for me to buy hardware from Microsoft. This to me is sad and ultimately is the new console releases without a new Fable game I will inevitably end up purchasing the next iteration of Sony’s console. because of the awesome adult RPGs that they have that are in their libraries exclusively that I will want to play. If Xbox wants to maintain me and I’m sure to a degree that I am part of an older gamer demographic with large amounts of expendable income there has to be a hook. No insult intended but the reveals in the press conference on Sunday we’re not anything jaw dropping. I am truly concerned but this is where I will part ways with Microsoft. I hope that Microsoft has some big heavy-hitting AAA exclusive mind-blowingly good games in the bank for the next console March.

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