Why The Epic Game Store Is #2

It would seem over the last 6 months or last year there’s been a consistent theme of The epic store trying to undercut steam, and publishers / creators on the epic store not wanting their products to be sold at low prices.  I do not use the epic store, I have consistently uses Steam for quite some time.

When this topic comes up; typically it is surrounding exclusive release, and or crazy sales;……. hence I have never given it much thought.  Steam is in my opinion an excellent platform.  It is intuitive; it makes sense; everything is laid out well; you can search through games efficiently.  I decided today that I wanted to play Dauntless for a little bit, and I went and looked for it on Steam and it wasn’t there.  I looked it up and saw it was on the Epic Game store and since I have played Fortnight on my PC I went to The Epic Store and downloaded the game from them as well.

It doesn’t bother me to have multiple clients for video games.  As a gamer who plays on multiple hardware platforms, and Operating systems it seems like a small thing.  I you know some people complain and want to live in a perfect world that simply revolves around themselves.  To which I would say these may perhaps be those gamer’s they refer as entitled.  It has been my experience that when something excellent is created and roll outed correctly it thrives.  This isn’t to say that there will not be people complaining even if the product is excellent.

It is simple to measure the success of a product.  Simply look to see if people are buying a ton of your product. If this is the case and there are still people complaining you have created something successful.  If you are struggling to get users to buy into your product and people are complaining you may be losing.  I think this can be said of Steam and Epic. While people complain about both, one is dominantly being used over the other.  Getting back to Dauntless; after I had started the download I began poking around on The Epic Store.

This was when I began to understand why people are complaining about the store.  There is something sleek and fluid to the site, and it is brimming with potential, but some of the most basic features are missing.  The search function on The Epic Store; is Toddler like in comparison to Steams.  I would think that this and the Library component of the Store would be the two most important Elements to focus on, and It would almost appear that there was no thought put into the search feature at all.

If you type Free or Free To Play into the search it will populate Zero results.  I already now this to not the case since I was currently downloading a free to play game in the client.  So is Epic Trying to push me to use there platform or are they trying to push me to only spend money on the platform.  I get everyone is trying to make a living, as am I.  I have found through my own work that focusing on providing the best experience and the best outcome for clients even it comes at the cost of not making a sale in that moment inevitably leads to the best long term revenue stream, and a highly satisfied client base.

Epic should focus on what they are trying to do and not reward of that comes at the end of that work.  Imagine a marathon running who spent more of there time focusing on how to get the trophy and less time on running and learning how to run better.  I doubt that runner will be even half as successful as they could have been if they had simply focused on the skill and less on the reward.  The store is the skill the reward is profit.  If epics “skill” is not higher then steams they cannot expect the same reward. I would love to know your thoughts on steam and epic. Do you use one over the other? Do you prefer one over the other. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  Thanks as always for stopping by. If you liked this video hit that like button. If you are new to the channel hit that subscribe button and as always I will see you next time.

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