Police: Father Accused Of Killing Infant Son After Losing Video Game

This is truly a tragic story and when I see things like this come up in my news feed it is heartbreaking.  As a father who suffers from bouts of poor anger management from time to time, I cannot recall a moment in when striking my son ever even enter my mind.  The police stated that the father had been warned of his Miranda rights and had waived them which add an even greater sadness to this situation. Anthony Trice according the LMDC was playing a video game and became angry after losing.  He threw the controller and then punched his 1 month of child in the head.  He then picked the infant up and walked into the kitchen.  While walking into the kitchen he dropped the child.  Trice picked the child back up and retrieved a bottle from the kitchen.  Trice left the child in the bedroom with the bottle and left the room to use the bathroom.  When Trice returned he realized that the infant needed medical attention and called 911.


Trice was arrested and charged with First Degree criminal abuse of a child, and after the infant died Sunday night he was charged with Murder and is being held on a 1 million dollar bail. (source LMDC) My heart truly goes out to the family of this child.  My heart breaks for the loss of this life.  When I first started down this editorial path of writing I was looking to tie into this the miss messaging of the media trying to relate video games with this crime.  The honest truth is it doesn’t matter. I began with asking myself……. Why is the video game even part of the focus?  Why is video game even in the title of this article?  I then engaged the defense of video games in my head.  thinking “we all know why.  Because the event that triggered this man’s manic episode of anger is the culprit or at least the culprit that the media wants us to focus on.”  My thought process continued into ” If this was the same situation and the Father had lost his temper because his favorite sports team had just lost would the media be reporting it in the same manner? ” The answer to that question is yes.  The headline would read “

“Father Angry that the cowboy’s lost Sunday afternoon, he struck and killed his infant child”

I do not think for one moment that in the event of this action being triggered by any other reason would the news report this any differently.  I have to keep in mind when I see this sort of headline that while I want to conflate the issue of Media and Politicians taking unfair aim at the Video game industry as a whole is something that happens far too often this instance is not one of those cases.  The issue in this case is the actions of Anthony Trice.  The tragedy of this case is in the Mother, and family that lost a beautiful child because a reckless moment of uncontrolled rage.  I hope that those of us in the game industry and fans surrounding it can keep that in perspective as the case unfolds.  There will more than likely be anger and accusation pointed at the Industry as a whole, and it is okay to simple shrug that off and look past it to the hurt that has been caused by the horrible actions of this infant’s father.

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