The Real Cause of Controversy Over Violent Video Games.

Over the last half a decade I have noticed a rising desire in journalist and politicians to censor forms of expression in video games that are normal and accepted modes of expression in any other for of media.

Video games offer a plethora of different styles of interactions to the player. You can play games like Grand theft Auto in which the visceral violence towards police officers, prostitutes, and the general public can be quite inappropriate times. there are so many games out there who’s entire point of the game is in fact killing NPCs are other players playing the game. The majority of these revolve around war, but there are other games that revolve around this activity that are set in the urban environment.  

And it seems like every week I see some news outlet, publication, or politician coming out against this portrayal of violence in the video game medium.  with the recent controversy surrounding the game rape day that was put up for sale on steam and Amazon I’m beginning to question why these things are so controversial. Rape is an important thing. It is something that does in fact exist in every society currently in existence and every society that has come before us. The glorification of it is something to be disdained and abhorred. The makers of the game “rape day” should not receive our money, respect, or anything other then disdain and awareness of what type of horrible human beings they are.

Why then is violence against women, sexual assault of women, and large amounts of graphic violence so toxic that these topics shouldn’t be touched by video games and yet they are so aggressively represented in all other forms of media? Turn on any hardcore rap album or death metal genre song and you will hear all of the evil acts that we have currently discussed so far spoken sung about regularly. Music I would argue is a much more subtle influencer of people’s thoughts and mind sets. Moving on from music to movies the most atrocious thing that I ever seen in my 36 years of life was in the remake of last House on the Left in 2007. I walked into the living room that day and my roommates had just started the movie. I sat down thinking I would watch some with them and the opening rape scene of that movie took place. I got up and walked out halfway through the scene, I have never seen something so evil in my life. Rodger Ebert was quoted as saying so now my job as a film critic involved grading rape scenes, I do not think I can.

New York Post critic Kyle Smith wrote. 

those who see the world through a feminist I will be especially outraged because it involves a visceral genuinely terrifying rape

Lastly the genre of literature is probably the most guilty of the glorification and representation a violence in all its forms. Books like blood meridian, piercing, American psycho, 2666, the wind-up bird chronicle, the butcher boy, the WASP factory, the clockwork Orange, Titus Andronicus, and many others represent historical precedent allowing obscene amount a violence towards all people into the realm of literature as a simply and normal expression of art.

In Titus Andronicus alone there are scenes where her hands are cut off and tongue cut out and the 2 men proceed to mock her before Uncle finds and rescues her oh but later her father kills her because that’s what you do with daughters who have been raped there’s also the part where Titus kills two sons and has them baked into pies and then feeds them to there family members. This is written by one of our greatest English literary hero. William Shakespeare.

So after reviewing a simple yet convincing case for why there is a double standard applied to video games that is not applied to the rest of media, you may ask yourself why this is the case. As with almost all things where is the money going and where is the money coming from.  According to the site deadline the global total for box office revenue in 2018 was 41.66 billion dollars worldwide. According to the IFPI 2018 was the third consecutive year of growth after 15 years of revenue decline in the recorded music industry. With 2018s numbers not finalized we can look at 2017 number for the recorded music industry at 17.3 billion dollars.

What might you ask was 2018 revenue number for the video game industry according to website newzoo the global games market reached an excess of 137 billion dollars in 2018.

The corporations that have dominated media for the last four decades are feeling this great threat to their vast Monopoly. While there are many facets to the threats of their control over media that have been brought about by the Advent of the internet oh, the rise of the video game market is chiefly among them. So next time you see some news piece about violent video games, or hear some politician talking about how video games are destroying society. Remember these problems existed well before video games, video games are not even the most graphic representation of these problems, and the censorship of video games will not make them go away. Evil always thrives in the dark.

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