Video games are the reason they will ban bleach.


we simply refuse to acknowledge responsibilities as individuals and government officials all over the world continue to try and tell us they have a quick fix for the problems that do not involve us having to evaluate our own behavior and look at what I we are doing and how it impacts those around us. recently an article in gaurdian came out about the police in the Western Indian state of Gujarat detained 10 teenagers for breaking a newly announced ban on playing the online game pubg. The ban was recently announced and local authorities decided that this would help combat a recent wave of violent behavior in teenagers steaming from there belief that playing video games like PUBG are causing it. Kids play video games. Almost all children in any type of progressive society that’s post-industrial play video games. Are the vast majority of children and teenagers around the world exhibiting signs of extreme violence. That’s not a question because that’s not a thing. No the modern world is in the greatest time of peace and non violence human history has ever known.


The responsibility for children and teenagers that have out of control anger issues ,antisocial behaviors, and act violently towards their peers and society at large lies on the doorstep of the parents that are raising them. But that is not a statement that a politician who was elected to an office can say because almost all of that politicians constituents our parents. how do you say to your constituents you’re the problem, and there’s no way for me to fix it, this is something that individuals and families need to address in order for this type of violent behavior to stop. If politicians where to say this they wouldn’t get reelected.

it is easier for our politicians here and another in country’s to simply say that they can fix the problem by baby-proofing society. That’s right just infantilize society, and make it easier for you to do what you want and regardless of what the public wants.

I will give the Indian government some props that their prime Minister Modi was quoted saying ‘like everything else technology comes with positives and negatives quote as parents we must guide our children to get the most from technology.. We should encourage their curiosity to learn new things.”

These types of stories worry me to the core. as we’ve seen in other Western European countries that have a limited access to weapons; those that wish to be violent simply find other ways to express their violence.

Today it will be video games, the thing that we cannot allow to control our children’s minds. Today we are doing this for the benefit of the children. Today we are protecting the innocence of youth by censoring others expression. But tomorrow we will come for you

You might think that that is a irrational or hyperbolic or even exaggerated alarmism. It is not, all great evil starts with apathy towards small aggression. This type of behavior is an aggression on free thinking, free expression, and free speech. These things inherently are the only real human right. These are the things that should be protected at all cost. And when we allow governments or leadership of a country to begin to limit that under the guise of protection we inevitably end up with a dictatorial power telling us if they know what’s best. And what’s best is that we be forced to do what others think. The right to think for oneself requires awareness of what it means have a mind that is free.  To have a free mind absent of coercion over one’s thoughts words and actions requires that we all protect each other’s right of free thinking.

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