Brianna Wu Asked For Donald Trumps Help.

Recently an interview by Emily Chang with Brianna Wu on Bloomberg news caught my interest. Wu has an amazing concept that will finally make tings fair for the oppressed and discriminated against women of the world. What is her brilliant innovation you ask. Wu wants to use the powers of the federal government to intimated tech companies to comply with censoring reviews and content online that is perceived to misogynistic.

There are so many flaws with this idea I do not know where to start. I also have no idea why Wu would feel the government should pass a law or threaten to pass a law that would counter act a law put in place by President Obama with almost complete unanimous support from both parties in congress back in 2016. The consumer Review Fairness Act. Which

signed into law on December 14, 2016, is a federal consumer protection statute banning the use of gag clauses in non-negotiable consumer form contracts.

For those of you that do not know what a non-negotiable consumer form contract is. It is when you agree to terms of use in an online instance mostly, that does not allow for any alteration of the terms. It is either you agree to abide by terms of use or you do not.

Back in 2013 in a federal lawsuit Palmer v the retailer Kleargear tried to force a consumer to remove a negative review online or pay 3500$ in damages to the company as it was part of there terms of service and there non-disparagement clause.

The defendant won and Kleargear was forced to accept they could not bully and extort people into saying only what they wanted online.

Wu is calling for protection of Actress Brie Larson  from online harassment. Almost all major social media and media websites have rules regarding harassment of someone based any many different factors. One of those factors being a persons Gender. The strongest form of rule enforcement on twitter is not threats of violence against a person. It is if you miss gender or make homophobic remarks. Neither of which are a respectful thing to do, and most tech companies have rules in place to deal with these issues. Are they perfect no. Will they be perfect if we use the government to enforce them, not even close.

Just to be clear. Any real harassment over the film and Larson did not begin until Larson started making disparaging comments about white men specifically. A lot of comments and attitudes that have been attributed towards Larson are over blown. But the fact still remains that Larson used her platform to make comments about a group of people that represent a large share of her fan base. Aside from whether Larson was right, can there be any blame if the consumer dose not like when you insult them?  With that fact firmly in mind why is there any surprise that the response from many was simply not wanting to go to movie.

In 2017 when Wonder Women released no one from the cast was out talking down or trash talking the potential movie goers that wanted to watch the movie. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins focused on the positive message of the film and story. They focused on using there platform to the consumer in a positive manner and also made an excellent film. They kept the focus on trying to sell the product that they had made to as many people as they could.  The consumers rewarded the movie opening weekend in the US with over 100 million at the box office. Which is a record for a film directed by a women. To date wonder women has grossed over 822 million worldwide. Which can be viewed as an amazing success. In the world of box office earnings records of the top 3 films, ones lead is a male, ones is a female, and one is a fairly even share between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. To point to a movies not being successful because men hate women is a lie on the face of it.

If Wu really wants to see people behave in a certain manner perhaps Wu, Larson, and many others in Hollywood should take a look at wonder women’s performance. Perhaps they should evaluate there own behavior, words , and actions to see if there is something they have done to promote or create the problem she would like addressed with legislation. Perhaps if Larson and others like her in Hollywood could focus on making great films, and then promoting those films in a pure and positive manner the response that receive back would not be what it currently is. Hitting someone and then crying the victim when you are hit back is childish at best and insane at worst. If Wu thinks that Larson is an innocent victim of man hating internet dwellers she has simply not done her research. Meta critic scores from users reviews have the film in the low 60’s with a fairly even ratio of male female reviews and a spread of them across the percentile of scores. If this was simply an army of online trolls the amount of reviews across all site both consumer and professional would not be as poor to mediocre as they are. The truth is Captain Marvel is a mediocre film by all accounts, and the root of that mediocrity stems from people like Wu, whom focus on messaging inside of media more then they do the quality of the content itself. Here is the trick Wu. Do something great and people will acknowledge your greatness. Since you continue to not produce things that people think are of worth, you continue to get nothing you want in return.

Thanks for stopping by.  Total Mage



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