Anthem Already Being Discounted After 2 Days.

That is right.  Anthem is already being marked down in European stores like Media Market in Germany.  This is not some small store over in Germany.   Media market is the worlds second largest electronic retailer in the world after best buy here in the US.  I had to scour Reddit to make sure that what was coming in was correct.  Some of the Fan Boys and Girls over at Reddit continue to drink the Cool Aid and say this is just a trade in promotional offer.

After years of Bioware working on this game to see it being marked down in bins stuffed full of copies because no one wants to buy the game.   People look at this and say well Battlefronts two was a shit storm and they sold 7 million copies.  There is real loss here.  There is real loss that is happening with Fallout and there will be even more loss coming over at EA and Bioware.   Companies that have bought this game in large quantities because of all the marketing and Hype that has been going on for the last 2 years surrounding this title will want there monies back. Consumers are not going to pick this title up and it will take Bioware and EA 2 more years of production of content and fixes to have a relatively good game in place.

Almost a year ago i talked about this scenario playing out right after the first big release trailer of game play at E3.  People told me I was crazy and that there was no way they would fake a game that has been in development for the last 7 years.  There where fans telling me that I had prejudged the game , before it even came out.  My lack of belief and my perspective of skepticism was right on the target.  As it should be after years of trickery and Abuse by EA.

How long till this game is being sold for 10 dollars?  That is a real question I have.  It took black ops 4 how may days to get to half price?  I am going to wager that it will take half the time.  I give it 30 days and we will see it being sold as half price.  The fake game media and YouTube reviewers that have been bought by EA will all trot out the excuse.  Well it is a live service game.  Of course the price was going to come down faster then a normal Triple A game.

Wrong.  Every fan boy and bought media outlet online has been trying to justify the micro-transactions and the full retail price of the game under the reasoning that this is a triple A game and it is a live service game.  You cannot have it both ways.  It is either one thing or the other.  But it cannot be both.

I cannot say that I am happy about this outcome. I will say I am not surprised.  I will say told you so to so many people on Reddit.  I will close with saying please for the love of God will people stop buying into this crap and wait and make video game makers show us a real product and do not buy these games that are only half made.






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