Will I play classic world of warcraft?

Should I play Classic World of Warcraft.

I have taken the last year off from playing World of Warcraft and the coming launch of classic World of Warcraft servers has me tempted to resub in the upcoming months. Most of the people I know that are going to play classic are doing so because they want that trip back in time. I will admit that nostalgia is playing a minor role in my desire to play classic.

I started playing WOW in Wrath of the Lich King and I do miss the Pre Cata world of wow. There is something unsettling and not as enjoyable or immersive in the changed Azeroth landscape. Placing that small piece of nostalgia to the side. the main reason that I want to play classic is relations. I have several friends that played World of Warcraft when it released and they seem to have had a very different experience then the one I had when starting the game. I know this would seem fairly obvious to most people but it was something that caught me off guard.


I had always brushed of the talk of the old days and the war stories of how WOW used to be an amazing game back in Vanilla and BC while in the Litch King Xpac, as some gamers simply not wanting to deal with change. As I continued to play through the Cataclysm all the way to legion I watched the decline of a world I loved so much. The world slowly morphed into a pet and mount collection time sync and lacked the personality of the world I first started playing in.

I knew people when I started. I really knew people on my server. There was relationships, and socialization. Team work was required, and having a certain level of commitment to play the game was needed in order to play end game. I can only imagine how much this was amplified in Classic. Retail WOW has slowly turned into a game that can almost be soloed. If you count the RDF, LFR as non team activities then you can make the argument that it is truly a solo game.

I want to experience that socialization of an MMORPG at its highest. From what I can tell reading about the community that existed in Vanilla WOW, the experience of getting to know people and having that community could be much greater than the one I had in Wrath of the Lich King.

There is another aspect to Classic that I had some experience with in Wrath, but will be amplified in Classic. Exploring the world is a more natural effect of playing Classic/Vanilla. From what I can tell from based on the leveling system and mount gratification delay; leveling is a more grueling task which involves a large amount of walking. Quests are fewer in nature and you have look for them. Additionally quests are not as easy to understand. Reading the quest and then following the directions is more important as the map simply does not tell where to go and what mobs to kill. This had for me lead to a much greater degree of errors when questing and a greater need for exploration.

These days there are so many excellent games to play and it feels like there is an endless stream of games coming in the pipeline every week. I do not know if Classic is something that I will invest the time in, but it defiantly something that has my attention.

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