Chris Quinn is an Idiot, stop blaming video games.

Tax The Violent Creating Video Games:

Every three to six months the same story comes from some corner of the ignorant world that is American politics. Video games make children violent if you did not know. It is a fact that has been backed up by mountains of research and…..wait. I am sorry this just came in. Video games do not lead to heightened aggression. Odd if you talked to any politician over the age of 40 you would think this was simply a fact of completely sound physiological research.

There is quite a larger body of research to shore up the theory that prolonged playing of video games without the balance of proper interactions socially can lead to heightened feelings of aggression in children with this affect diminishing the older the child becomes. This type of behavior can be manifested in several different outlets and dose not inherently come out in a violent manner.

This same phenomenon can been seen in children that spend to much time one there phone, on a tablet surfing the internet, watching TV or movies, and Spending hours on social media. The correlation between mental illness and Social media consumption is a much more concrete and provable physiological manifestation in mainstream American society. I find it odd that we do not hear politicians constantly talking about taxing, Regulating, and making aspects of social media age restricted and or illegal.

I have a small suspicion that if politicians could find a way to network into video game screens and market themselves at gamer’s while they where playing, these same politicians that would tax video games now, wouldn’t dream of tax or greater regulation on video games then. Much in the same way they respect the toxic relationship of social media.

The issue of trying to regulate video games and tax them as some type of smut that is clouding the minds of the young in our society is laughable. There are simply so many other things in main stream American culture that need to be addressed that are contributing to our current social ills. While I will own to the idea that over consumption of video games ins not inherently healthy for the player. Nothing in excess is.

This brings us to the current situation in Pennsylvania. State Representative Chris Quinn who wants to pay for school security by taxing violent video games, or so all the head lines read. At first glance when I saw the news I thought, this is wonderful. Chris wants to hire security guards at all the schools and make schools safe again for children. Or maybe Chris wants to use the tax dollars for more police to patrol around schools and neighborhoods. Wait, I was mistaken. That is not in fact what Chris wants to do. What Chris means by making schools safer is using the new tax revenue to create a board of professional bureaucrats that can look at how violent video games affect the current culture of violence in our young male youths and make recommendation to schools on how to combat this surge in destructive behavior that is crushing the innocent structure that is our public educational institution’s.

That’s right! Chris has stumbled across the solution to solving social issues. All you need to do is create a government board to gather miss informed opinions on the issue and it will all just go away. Chris Quinn needs to run for president. With this can do attitude bathed in the sweet sauce of stupid ignorance …it can only lead to victory based of our current democratic process in action.

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