Vanilla W.O.W a symptom.

I did not start my World Of Warcraft experience in vanilla.  I came several years later in the middle of Wrath, and have wonderful memories of WOW.  When the announcement was made to launch a vanilla version of WOW my initial response was about freaking time Blizzard. I have played on Dalaran WOW and Cata WOW servers because I missed the WOTLK while still actively playing the current retail.  I have  been off retail for a while now, and I would not feel right playing for free on a private server with out actively paying a sub.  In WOW’s current state I would not pay for a sub, and I do not think that WOW will progress to a point in the future when I would pay a subscription again.  I would however pay a sub to be on a WOTLK server.  I am not sure what that would look like with Blizzard, but I am open to the idea.

Due to the toxic nature between Gamer publishers and Players in the current market there seems to be this constant refrain at the launch of a game.  Developers and Publisher tell the market that there will be no cash shop as the game is not free to play, and they want the game play to have integrity, or that the cash shop will be cosmetic only and will not affect the the economy or power balance of the game.  This is repeatedly violated by game publishers, and makers that sell there games for full retail.  This has led to an even more sinister development in video game creation.  Designers and Publishers are starting to design games that they charge full retail for, and then intentionally create a grind in the game that is so large that the average player has one of two options.  One they do not unlock the full potential of the game because they lack the time resources to invest in an ungodly grind.  Two they simply bypass most of the grind using cash shop purchases.  If I had to venture a guess at at what EA is up to with Anthem this is the outcome that I think that we are looking at.

With Subscription based game models being the best source of consistent revenue; it makes sense that there are developers out there courting new MMO’s as the subscription count for W.O.W continues to drop.  My recent foray back into the world of MMO’s involved a great deal of game play watching, and looking at options currently on the market.  There is an  MMO that is in development that caught my eye.  Pantheon: Rise of the fallen.  You can check there website out here.  A great video to watch if you are looking for a solid look at the game can be found Here from Alexensual on YouTube.


I have to say I am impressed with what I have seen so far and the team of people that are working on this game development are legitimate players in the industry,  The more that I have watched of this game over the last month the more I am considering making a Supporter Pledge.  I have never been involved in anything close to crowd funding or pre- ordering games for that matter.  Based on the information from the developers this game is fully funded and there is no need for pre-ordering other then to build a community pre-launch and grow excitement for the game.  Having observed the community and the developers of the game interacting I feel that making an investment in the future of this game is a worthwhile endeavor.

With all the short sighted bling bling cash shop heavy game theory these days, is the cry for vanilla s sign?  Are games like Pantheon a sign of the market catching up to the needs of the consumer? Are players like me simply looking for the nostalgia, or are real players tired of “fake” games?  I do not know what the next year of gaming will bring for the genre that I love so much.  I hope that it brings good things, and soon.

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Total Mage

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