Video Game Content and Time Management.

I have been trying to piece together what creating content would look like for me. I know that last time I was making content I was working on a learning curve.  As time went on during that first 90 period the amount of time that I had to invest diminished as my skill grew, but then i found i was spending more time improving quality.  A true double edged problem.

Once during the first month of content creation in march I was in an afternoon meeting at work.  With ten managers from the property sitting around a boardroom table working out issues from the past week, and looking at the upcoming week.  This meeting happens every week at the same time and same place.  So my knowledge of the meeting should have played into my time management.  Sadly this was not the case.  I began to nod off in the meeting repeatedly because I had not slept the the night before.  As and adult with a profession, Spouse, offspring, house, and ect.. you would think some intensely important emergency must have kept me up over night.  No it was not anything important!  I was struggling with a video edit, and being the stubborn person that I am i refused to admit defeat.  So I spent the entire night troubleshooting the issue I was having.  The video editing did eventually gives its self over to me in the end.

This is just one instance of many that creating content affected more then just my spare time.  To be fair to my life spare time is not really something that I have.  It is more something that I create.  To make the quantity of content to the degree of quality i desire I simply do not have enough time.  I have been trying to better understand what I am capable of doing with in the time I have to spend.  I know now that I can not regularly create content that is about video games.  I have to produce content of actual game play. Playing a game is the kill 2 birds with 1 stone scenario that makes sense of the equation that is my life. I spent 3 hours last night playing and recording, and then doing some light editing.  I have to say that was the most fun that I have had making a set of videos in ; well honestly ever.  I was in my element last night.  Enjoying the game play and have fun.  All of the reason I started Total Mage to start with.

I am hoping that this evaluation of my process can be applied in more ways then the afore mentioned.   I also found this amazing function on YouTube that allows you to schedule a post.  I know, I know, this is rookie stuff here.  Back in 2010 when I started posting my first videos I was able to delay posting.  With the new interface on YouTube and the Studio Beta I was not able to sort the delayed posting out.  Last night while a video was rendering I googled the question just out of curiosity.  Low and behold I was simply missing a drop down menu at the start of the uploading process.  This whole new philosophy on creating content takes much of the frustration out of the process for me and I think it will lead to me being able to enjoy what I am doing instead of turning it into a second job after I get home from work.  I am not looking to turn this into to something more then a hobby in most ways.  I enjoy the challenge of creating something and then seeing if what I have created is something that people want to watch.  I enjoy engaging with other people in the gaming community that are running smaller channels.  I simply enjoy being on YouTube and penning small articles for my website.  This is truly the thing I enjoy in my personal life the most.

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Until Next Time, Total Mage.

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