I started Playing Black Desert Online!

I know better!  Why of why did I start down this path.  Recently I have been looking for something to play online.  World of Warcraft is simply not something I was to spend time in any more.  I love W.O.W but I have invested as much as I can and need some place else to be. I will be honest.  I have been playing ESO, Elder Scrolls Online off and on since launch and have been trying to log into the game for 3 months.  There is some sort of bug in the launcher, updater, or game client that ESO cannot seem to isolate.  After having worked with Zenimax’s help desk and installing, uninstalling, and repairing them game multiple times I have simply given up.  I do not mean to say that I have given up on ESO permanently; more I have given up until Zenimax starts being serious about running the game.  I was told my ISP was the issue.  Really, truly, I was told this.  I am still at a loss when I think about this.


Moving on from this frustration I began to look at different options that are currently in the market.  I have to say there are not a ton of new options that look enticing.  Black Dessert online is a truly visually stunning game, and offers a huge amount of complexity that is alluring.  So after some reading and video watching I took the plunge.  I bought the Travelers version as the additional items that it came with where well worth the additional 15 dollars.  I did make one miscalculation with BDO.  Most MMO’s have a learning curve and a large amount of grind and nitty gritty details that will unfold and be learned as needed.  BDO is front loaded and the learning curve is far stepper then I had thought it was.

Aside from the learning curve my first week playing has been enjoyable. I have not spent a massive amount of time in game.  6 hours at this point….  I have had to spend so much more time reading about different aspects of the game and how to go about correctly building certain aspects of your character that the game play has been minimal.  I know that in the coming weeks this will become less of an issue as I gain more knowledge about the game and spend more time in the game.

I was contemplating about the learning curve last night and making soft comparisons to my first MMO experience World of Warcraft.   The curve in W.O.W did not seem as hard.  I think a part of this can be attributed to the fact that I knew nothing about MMO’s and as they say ignorance is bliss.  In that ignorance I was able to stumble through hours of game play and learn things in a very incremental manner.  Now that I am equipped with this knowledge of MMO’s and there general game mechanics walking into a new MMO is daunting because I am very well aware of how much there is to get done.


BDO truly does take grinding to a whole new level.  I know the amount of grinding that lays ahead of me is never ending.  I also know that I will more than likely never have the amount of time needed to invest in BDO to reach the level of status I would like to.  I none the less have been enjoying my game play and soaking up the challenge of learning a whole new environment and world of doing things.  This is the close of my first week in BDO.  I am curios to see if the sentiment I have for the game now will be the same that I have for it in 30 days.  Only time will reveal that.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please smash that like button if you enjoyed and Hit that Subscription button if the Holy Ghost moves you.  Until next time.

Total Mage.

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