To My Son Michael

What did we miss you and I.

Those moments of pure joy as you catch a glimpse into the depths of life’s wonder.

Those momentary seconds when I catch the shape of your soul.  That place in you that is a part of we.

I am sad I will never know the ecstasy of teaching you the simple skills of life,

Of watching you grow into a man,
Of seeing you learn and eclipse my shadow
Of seeing you hurt from the gift of love
Of drying your tears in moments of growth
Of basking in the sunshine of your childhood joy
Of all these things and more I am sad I will never know you in life like my heart knows your spirit in death.
You will always walk with me.  A small piece of my existence, never silenced, always bright, spotless In the eternal memory of our line.
We will never forget the joy you brought all you touched.
I will always be humbled by the love I have for you; a boy I will never met.
May your soul finds its way home.
Your Father.


  1. I’m so very deeply sorry for your loss. What a beautiful text. I printed it, to help me remind me, to cherish every moment with our child.

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