I miss not flying in World of Warcraft!

I know there is an endless slue of reasons players like this expansion over that expansion. I also came into World of Warcraft later in the game. I have friends that play the game that will regale me with tales of how hard and unforgiving the game was. What a true grind the game was before the Random Dungeon Finder was Introduced. To some of these points I am glad I started during Wrath. In other ways I feel like I missed out on something. Imagine 5 man instances that are truly challenging. Think of how much harder the game would become if you had to pay attention in when running an instance in the RDF. That was something I noticed when I came back to World of Warcraft after several years away. Players no longer talk when running randoms. It is almost as if the chat function in the game is meaningless.

There is another old and archaic tool in the game that you only use if you are leveling in the 1-60 range. With the new scaled leveling zones you may not even use it at all. Flight paths. I truly miss when you couldn’t fly in the old world. Getting from point a to point b in Kalmidor and The eastern Kingdoms was something that you had to think about. It required you to know that game and if you did not it could be a truly painful experience.

Aside from the larger understanding of the physical world not being able to simply fly anywhere in the old world created more social opportunities. As players have gained greater and greater freedom of movement in the game, City hubs have become less and less occupied. Needing the help of other players to move around the world has become almost nonexistent.

Lastly there is a part of me that does not believe that flying in the old world has had this large of an impact on the game. I go back in my head to the time when I first started playing. One of the awesome features of my main was the ability to teleport and create portals to major cities. This skill is not even important to the game environment any more. I know there is more to the decline of the mage portals than just flying in the old world. Non the less I still miss it.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time.


  1. Oh, I agree, wholeheartedly. So many things have changed, that makes us less social. Pleasant voice to listen to, by the way 🙂 That intro music is so wonderful; oh, my sweet Teldrassil.

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      1. Oh, I am not considering; I know I will play it. The Classic Server announcement at Blizzcon almost had me in tears! I look forward to it, a lot 🙂

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