Has the Golden Age of Gaming Passed?

Have we already lived through the Golden Age of video games. I was interacting with a post on Twitter several weeks back with the well Red Mage the many of his followers. The post revolves around which decade of video games do you like the best. Someone made a comment video games are truly reaching their full potential today and I believe they were entering the Golden Age of video games.

Is this so. Is this so is this the new golden age of video games. Is today’s advances in the gpus and the Rams and the screen pixelation, the VR gear the 4K the amazing expansive worlds that can be created. Is this what they dreamed of when video games came into being? Was this the goal of video games? Going to a place of full immersion into an artificial world in which the consequences of your actions orange waited like they are in the real world. Is this the experience that is the ultimate Pinnacle of achievement in video games?
The further we move in the direction of VR the more I am concerned.  I have had bouts in my life of Video game addiction.  They centered around specific games for a short period of time, Morrowind, Halo 2, Fable the Lost Chapters, and World of Warcraft.  These times where fleeting at best.  The emergence of Virtual reality as something that is truly feasible in my lifetime is enough to make wonder if the safety of the modern world could be in jeopardy.  Think if a game that is so immersive and so alluring to any demographic of people that anyone is at potential risk of becoming addicted.

This subject matter concerns me greatly. I fear that the farther we go into these recesses that require less and less imagination of our own mind the more we risk losing part of our own Humanity.  That may perhaps come off a bit grandiose for a conversation about video games, but i think there is validity to this thoughts process.

I have almost always encountered the phenomenon of books verse movies.  At one point in my life I was an avid reader.  Reading was almost a sport in my life.  I noticed as I grew into my twenties that Movies based on books I had read never really matched up to the world my mind had crafted while reading the book.  Details that the mind grasps and includes when reading are lost inside the scope of a lens. Movies provide a complete visualization of the art form.  There is nothing left to build in your mind.  You are simply observing the art.  It is the only form of art that leaves us with nothing additional in our minds to create. Live theater, Ballet, Opera, Literature, Music and painting all rest on some degree of the observes mind building upon what is already there.  The additional work of the Human mind is almost a component of the art itself.
When I think back to my childhood video game experience I see something similar.  The more detailed and in depth games become the less the mind is required to exercises it ability to make the unreal seem real.  The power of my imagination is what powers many of the things that I take the most pride in my life.  The things that I look at and see real value.  I hope that the generations that follow will be afforded the same opportunity to flourish as well as game.
I would love to know your thoughts.  Till Next Time.
Total Mage


  1. For your first point, it very much depends on your definition of “golden age”. Is it when games are at their most creative? Their most popular? Most financially successful? There are a number of considerations. I’d argue for creativity in terms of the 90s, but at the same time there’s a huge amount of creativity now in the indie game scene. It’s really a hard question to answer though.

    Now, regarding VR damaging imagination. This is the same sort of argument that came about when video games were becoming more popular. The same could be said for movies. I would argue that VR merely gives players another way to experience these worlds that have been created. VR Minecraft could be haven of creativity!

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    1. This is an interesting point on VR. I have to say it has real merit. I am unsure though with the steady increase in mental health issues we have seen if there is not in fact a link. Time will tell as always. Thanks for giving it some thought !

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