College Football To return to video games near you. 2020

New College Football game in the works after how many years. IMackulate Vision Gaming announced yesterday that they will be making a new College Football game. The last NCAA Football game that was made was back in 2013 by EA. The series was canceled after High Profile lawsuits that where a no brainier made headlines. This should not surprise anyone that EA and the NCAA was not interested in paying the players for the use of the image, name, and overall identity in these multi million dollars video games. According to stock analyst Michael Pachter NCAA football has sold over 2 million units most years. With over 21 games in the franchise it is conservative to say that EA has made 100’s of millions of dollars on the franchise. It is well suited that game was dis-continued.

Gridiron Twwe

The announcement was made Via Twitter yesterday by, IMackulate Vision Gaming(IMV). The approach by the new developer IMV sounds like it will be focused more on the style and experience of college football and less of the exact players from that season on each team. Players will be able to choose form over 120 teams and build the real league if they so choose to do so. The game will not be licensed by the NCAA the first year it is released. It is nice to see the industry make a correction in this area where a monopoly has existed for far to long.

Gridiron 2

I would love to know your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

Total Mage.

Sources: Sports Illustrated and Yahoo

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