Why I bought Alienware instead of building this time.

*disclaimer. I am not endorsing Alienware. This was just my experience thus far.

I have always been of the mind that I would rather build my pc then buy my pc. Recently i was looking to replace my current setup and started shopping around. I ended up buying a Alienware computer. There where three reason why this was the right purchase for me at this moment in my life. I never thought this would be something I would end up doing but know that it is over and done with I am glad I made this choice.

First things first. Time is something you have to factor into any equation of a purchase like this. How much time and energy am I going to spend building a computer. Between shopping for parts, Assembling, trouble shooting, and OS install how many hours will be spent working on the project. For arguments sake let us say 5 hours shopping,2 hours putting together, no trouble shooting and 1 hour for install. A total of 8 hours spent putting the machine together and that is accounting for no issues with any of those steps. I wont factor wait time for parts into this equation because I am not a complete child and I do not require instant gratification to be a happy human being. I value my free time at let say 20$ and hour. So the coat of my time would be an additional 160$ on top of the price of the parts.

Second would be the energy spent on doing the actual project which is not something you can factor into a metric. I am married, have a son, own a home, and work a full time management job in business. My time and energy is already stretched thin. Every little thing that is added to my schedule is felt.

Thirdly lets just talk the straight price. This is the price break down on my machine if i parted it out off new egg.

Intel Core I7 8700k Coffe Lake 6 core $ 349.99
Windows 10 Home $ 99.99
16 g 2666mhz ddr4 $ 200.00
Nividia GeForce GTX 1080 $ 699.99
Liqiud Cooling Cosair $ 70.00
256 GB SSD $ 80.00
1 T 7200 Sata $ 50.00
Intel Z370 Exspress Chipset $ 125.00
Power supply $ 100.00
Case $ 100.00
$ 1,874.97

The price of the same machine from Alienware $1949.00. Can be found here. Alienware

Now these prices do not include delivery or tax. Suffice it to say the warranty and professional assembly is most defiantly worth the less then $100 price increase. I know that this is not something for everyone. It just happened to be the right move for me at this time in my life. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time.

Total Mage

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