COD Black Ops to have Multiplayer Campaign focus…….

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming soon, and Treyarch and has been been said in unconfirmed reports to making a game with no campaign. The game will focus solely on online content is a rumor that was reported by Charlie Intel and then picked up by Polygon and Game radar this week. The Website Charlie Intel is hinting that these are not just baseless rumors but a credible leak coming from Treyarch. Polygon is proposing that due to the moving up of the release date to accommodate the release of red dead redemption 2 there is simply not enough time to create an entire campaign. The game instead will have online co-op missions in its place.


I truly wonder what this means.  Is there going to be some adjustment in price structure.  I think the game will sell as always, but this just seems so lazy.  If you do not have the time to make the game, then why even make something to start with.  I would love to know you thoughts.

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Total Mage

Sources: Polygon & Gamesradar


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