Twitch Blocked In Russia.

Earlier this month the Russian government had requested through there court system that Telegram turn over encryption keys to the government for reason of national security. (does this sound familiar)Telegram declined to comply with the Russian Court order and the Russian group Roskomnadzor has been attempting to block the app every since.

I would like to point out that I completely understand why Telegram said no to this order from the courts.  If it where something serious like terrorism then they should absolutely step up and allow a government to spy on there citizens.

This week Russia’s State Communication Regulatory Oversight announced they would be blocking addresses owned by Google and Amazon. While reports inside Russia have varied on the effectiveness of Telegram being blocked; the reports on Twitch being blocked would appear to have more legitimacy. Many twitch affiliate streamers in Russia have taken to Twitter and Reddit to validate the rumor’s that there IP addresses are being blocked.

Reuters reported that CEO Paul Durov has been encouraging companies and individuals to perform what he calls “digital resistance” Stating he would give millions of dollars in funding to companies and individuals that would run proxy servers and VPN’S to help maintain access to Telegram for users in Russia.

While this move is interesting to say the least I view it, and the attitude of the west with something of humored outlook. While media here in the United States was more then happy to point to all the National security issues that could be resolved by Apple building a back door for us law enforcement organizations to access encrypted user data. They seem in same turn to be viewing this move by Russia as an indication of there corrupt government.

I would ask the question how is there any difference between the actions of the Russian Government and the Actions of the United States Government. I would also like to applaud Amazon, Google, and Apple for remaining firm on user privacy in both cases. This is one of those few times we have seen companies stand up for the consumers and come down on the right side of a security and privacy issues. So often in my opinion Corporations and Companies are the ones behind bad policy in our country at a national level. Policy that inevitably places the consumer at a disadvantage.

Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to know your thoughts.

Total Mage

Sources : Polygon & Reuters 



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