Sea Of theives Patch Dropping With Tons of Content.

Sea of Thieves was received with great reviews and gamer’s have some awesome things to say about the style of the game, design, and environment.  That being said Sea of thieves has not gone without its issues.

Rare recently announced there will be much need content added to the game this coming May. With improved and new styles of quests involving AI, and Weekly events being placed into the game it would appear that the game that may currently be struggling to keep people interested could be moving in the right direction.

This has been the chief complaint of players since shortly after launch.  There has been this echo chamber of there not being enough to do in the game, and the things that you can do in the game are repetitive and boring.  This is an issue that almost every video game struggles with.  Especially games that are online and multiplayer in nature (aside from FPS)

Rare had to retract some plans based on gamer feedback. The Ship Captaincy and Pet system has been placed on the back burner for the time being to address more pressing concerns from the player base.

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Thanks for stopping by.  What are your thoughts on the Sea of Thieves.  Do you find the Ocean as mesmerizing as I do?

Total Mage

Sources: Tech Times & True Achievements


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