My Favorite City In world Of Warcraft.

My Favorite City in World of Warcraft::

I sat down this week to think about my favorite city in world of Warcraft.  There are several cities that I enjoy going to in game.  I love Silver-moon solely on an atheistic level.  If that where the merit of my favorite city Silver Moon would be my favorite city.  Something about the architecture, Coloring, and music give it this perfect vibe of otherworldly’ness for me.  Similar in many ways to Exodar of the Draenei.  Knowing that came from the same expansion may say something about my love for the art style of the burning crusade.

Stormwind is a city that will always be an awesome place in the game for me. There is something to the streets and moat.  The castle and Cathedral.  The way that things are laid out and that there are two mirrors of the city on opposite ends.  The tram between Iron forge and Stormwind.  Thinking of the tram.  I walked the entire distance of it once to to see if there was anything there.  Stormwind is non the less not my favorite city.

Dalaran is now and I fear will always be my favorite city in world of warcraft.  There was a time when the city was brimming with people on any server at any time of day.  There where always players looking for a PUG or a service.  I also feel that the compact nature of the mixed factions inside one city was pivotal to making the city feel like it was the epicenter of the game.  I noticed in the most recent expansion that Blizzard moved everyone back into the same space again.  Your enemies in the game seem far more tangible when you see them on a regular basis.  When you can run into them doing something trivial in your day to day game play.  Or where you can go to that same place in game and find them on a regular basis.

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