Sony Verse Microsoft. Is it good for gamer’s?

Is Microsoft’s Poor game selection compared to Sony actually helping keep the industry competitive?

I had touched on this in several articles over the past couple months.  There is such a great disparity between the games that are available on the PS4 Pro verse the Xbox One X.  This morning I was reading Forbes and Happened across an article about how the competitive edge that Sony has in game titles is keeping Sony alive.

Is this really the case.  Forbes goes on to make an excellent case for this being true.  The issue I have is that I do not believe there right.  I am concerned that there is more at stake then just balance in the market place.  There have been other consoles in the past like the Xbox One X that have superior Hardware to there competition but  in the end lost and dropped out of the market because they did not have the depth of library to remain competitive.

I can think of one console specifically that this was the case.  IE. The Sega Dreamcast. While Sega dropped out of the market for several reasons the lack of pick up with the Dreamcast was simply the largest factor.  If they had a larger game library in direct competition to there competitors the Dreamcast would have been a massive success.

When Looking at the number of exclusives and the quality of them there is simply no competition; Sony wins hands down.  If you take a look at the hardware running behind each brand there is a different story.  In the Ram and Graphics capabilities of the Xbox One X : Sony is blown away.  They also win out on the processing power as well.

This is where I stray from the opinion of Kevin Murnane at Forbes.  If your console and games are unique there is no need for console competition.  I feel the exclusive games made by thrid party developers; is just another way for console markers to try and force an issue that should really be up to performance.  Whether that performance be strictly the hardware of one machine being better then another, A console maker is making better games/the games that you want (Nintendo) or whether that is one consoles has the functionality that you want.  Consoles should be moving more towards PC in the intractability into your life and there function being more then a one trick pony.  We have seen this happen over time where there are more and more things that you can do with your Console.  But this feels like the manufactures way to try and get you to spend as much time on there platforms s possible instead of focusing on making excellent machines.  Imagine if this was how the PC market worked.  We will leave mac out of this argument; We can kinda view them as Nintendo.,  They have there users and fan base. Even more so then Nintendo they are really not competing in the same markets as the PC.

If every manufacturer of a PC was trying to get you to only stay inside there eco-sphere and only do business with them it would be awful.  The same argument can be made for consoles.  Console exclusive titles should go away.  In fact I think that all games should be written in one language and open to being played on any console. Much like a pc game.  Could you imagine if game developers had to write a game for Dell, Asus, HP Pavilion, Acer, Toshbia, Lenovo,and Apple.

I think it is time to due away with Exclusives and move into a more hardware competitive market.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks as always for stopping by,please take a moment to subscribe if you have not already.

Till next time, Total Mage

Soucre: Forbes



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