Net Neutrality Gamer Weekly Episode #11

This week in the realm of video game news Fortnite patch 3.5, E3 Schedule announced, Blizz con 2018, publishers fighting for net neutrality laws.

Video Game publishers join the fight for net neutrality.  To little to late?  The Entertainment Software Association has entered the fight for net neutrality.  While this may seem counter to the goals of some of the publishers that the ESA represents Like Electronic Arts, it is more in line with many companies that work with the ESA such as Nintendo.

This move by the trump administration to remove the rules that have been holding the ISP’s in check from abusing there end of the line  power over consumers where ill fated from the start.  The only players in the market that stood to gain from this move where the telecommunication companies.  This sort of obvious crony capitalism should disturb everyone.  Including Gamer’s.  The ESA Released a statement following the announcement that they would be filing suit against the Federal Government and FCC.

“The internet drives innovation, fuels our 21st century economy, and helps create the jobs of tomorrow—especially for the connected world of interactive entertainment. Consumers deserve rules of the road that prevent blocking, throttling, and other restrictive conduct – and enable the great online experiences that bring meaning and value to all parts of our country. ESA will make that case in the months ahead on behalf of America’s gamers and game makers.”


Source: Tech Dirt

Fortnite Update 3.5 Patch, and the port-a-fort

Has Fortnite gone to far?  Can they go to far?  The recent patch this week for the Game Phenomena Fortnite introduced a new feature that is sure to be a game changer for some.  The port-a-fort item that now drops build a fort instantly for the player dropping it.  Moving a player from out in the open to stories above there competition instantly.  The Seeking Missile launcher was removed from the game, and have yet to hear if it will in fact return. Source: Gamespot 


E3 released its press conference schedule for the upcoming conference in June.  EA will be kicking of the show on Saturday morning, Followed by Microsoft Sunday Afternoon and Bethsada Sunday night.  Nintendo and Sony still have place holders slots on the the schedule.  Among the many Developers and Publishers coming Projects Red has announced they will be attending.  Is this the year we get a release date for Cyber Punk 2077???


Source: Gamespot

Cosplay Corner: In our cosplay corner this week we have Anna “Ormeli” Moleva.  Anna is a Russian cosplayer who gained recognition from Irrational Games, developers of BioShock Infinite, for her cosplay of Elizabeth. Her spot-on depiction of the character led the developers to elect her as the real-life model for Elizabeth. You can find Anna Here:

Story #4 Blizzcon tickets are up for sale. Blizzcon has been announced this coming November 2-3rd at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Tickets for Blizzcon will go on sale on two dates: Wednesday, May 9, at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET and Saturday May 12, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Tickets will cost $200 and you can buy them on Universe.  For those of us that are unable to attend Blizzcon in person the virtual tickets will be announced at a later date.


Thanks for stopping by.  Total Mage

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