Top Five Mario Games Of All Time.

Welcome to the top 5 Mario games of all time.

 Mario is an icon video game character created by Shigeru Miyamoto as the protagonist in the Arcade game Donkey Kong released in 1981.  Mario would go on to have his own arcade game, and then his own game series on the Nintendo.  As Nintendo has progressed over the years so has there iconic video game creation.  Super Mario.

Number 1:   Super Mario Galaxy. This platform style Mario brothers game was released in 2007 for the Wii console.  Mario must travel to different galaxies in order to save Peach and defend the universe from Bowser.  The games approach to the environment was unique.  With different Galaxies,  gravity affects, and spherical levels it was a new experience for Nintendo gamer’s to say the least.


 Number 4:  Super Mario World. Released in 1991 By Nintendo Entertainment.  This Epic Side scroll-er Game would go onto become one of the most sold game sin the Super Mario Franchise with over 20 million cross platform sales world Wide.


Number 3: Paper Mario.  Paper Mario was developed by intelligent systems in 2000 and published by Nintendo in 2001 in North America.  Aside from Paper Mario’s excellent art style this Mario game incorporated RPG elements that had yet to be seen in a Mario game up to this point.


Number 2: Super Mario brothers 3. Released in 1988, This Nintendo Title quickly Became the must have game of the Christmas season. Unlike this games predecessors Super Mario Bros 3 had a much more stylized look, vivid color, and engaging interface. The Game also featured a vast array of Easter eggs, keeping gamers occupied for years on end.  It continues to be a genre favorite to this day. 


Number 1: Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64  was a huge step forward in gaming.  With the new camera system, tight controls and a massive open world to interact with this title made the limited library of the Nintendo console on launch seem less of an issue.  Players had to move through 15 stages to find stars in each one.  Once a player had the 70 stars needed to fight Bowser they could go on to beat the game.


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