Video Game publishers join the fight for net neutrality

To little to late?  The Entertainment Software Association has entered the fight for net neutrality.  While this may seem counter to the goals of some of the publishers that the ESA represents like Electronic Arts, it is more in line with many companies that work with the ESA such as Nintendo.

This move by the trump administration to remove the rules that have been holding the ISP’s in check from abusing there end of the line  power over consumers where ill fated from the start.  The only players in the market that stood to gain from this move where the telecommunication companies.  This sort of obvious crony capitalism should disturb everyone.  Including Gamer’s.

The ESA made a statement in conjunction with the announcement that they would be pursing legal action against the new administrations Net Neutrality Policy.

“The internet drives innovation, fuels our 21st century economy, and helps create the jobs of tomorrow—especially for the connected world of interactive entertainment. Consumers deserve rules of the road that prevent blocking, throttling, and other restrictive conduct – and enable the great online experiences that bring meaning and value to all parts of our country. ESA will make that case in the months ahead on behalf of America’s gamer’s and game makers.”


One theory around the timing of this move by publishers may be the Presidents recent remarks and targeting of the industry as a whole to scapegoat failed domestic policy surrounding Firearms and Mental Health.  It is good to see another group of people added to the fight against the FCC, Big Telecommunications, and The Trump.


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Source Cited:  Tech Dirt

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