Vlog Thursday: I am Not In Control.

I am not in control:

This week has been trying in many respects.  My life is going through changes like everyone else life is.   In the places where I do not feel that I am achieving that much change I perceive these small trickles of change that seep into my life.  I have moved my video editing onto a different software which I thought was going to create this massive time headache.  It has been surprisingly fluid.  I am sure this has to do with the knowledge I acquired with the first editing software.  The new software seems to have better answers to questions.   I should know by now that the community surrounding a software can have a huge impact on the success and usability of the software.   I have also been able to spend more then the average amount of time with my Son and My Wife.  That is one of the draw backs of this project is the limited time that I have for other things in life.

Moving on to exciting things.  I have streamed 3 times now on Mixer.  I have to say it is an odd experience to have someone not in the room with you watch you play a video game.  One of my friends sat in the first time, to make sure my sound was working correctly, and even that seemed odd a little.  On the whole I have had a good week. I could do without the snow that we are currently getting, but other then that I really wouldn’t change anything. Thanks for stopping by.  Till Next Time.

Total Mage

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