Mounts In World Of Warcraft Are Awesome

When I first began to play World Of Warcraft there where several things that I truly looked forward to.  One of those things is something I still enjoy to this day when playing.  Mounts.

I remember my first mount on my Human Mage.  Running to the Vendor in the Western Part of Elywnn Forest with my massive pile of gold.  I knew this would changed how the game worked in some fundamental and grand manner.

The glory of that mount soon wore of.  It is true that being faster and able to move through areas I would not have been able to due to my level was not without its joy.  It was just evident that over time the felling that I had when I achieved the status of having my first mount would not last long.

Fast forward Several levels, and I attained my first flying mount.  This experience was not wasted on me as quickly as the first experience was.  Being able to fly in game is still to this day something that is enjoyable to me.   Getting to Northrend and buying my first swift flying mount.  Making my first flying carpet.  All great moments.


The best moment I have had in World of Warcraft related to mounts was the Incident with the three drakes.  I had picked up with a guild midday as a PUG to go do the three drakes achieve in OS.  This was right after the release of ICC, and this guild was seriously focused on the achievement.  We downed Sartharion with all three drakes up and the Reigns to the black drake dropped in the loot.  The Black Drake Reigns are a fairly high drop item, So what transpired next should not have even been a thing.

I won the roll for the drake and the loot master started to argue with the Guild GM that I was a pug and Shouldn’t get the mount.  The GM started swearing and yelling at the loot master to give him the $%^&*( Drake.  After a couple minutes of mutiny on the loot masters part I was given the drake.  At the time I thought it was amusing.  Now I understand what was really happening between the GM and the loot master.


These are my meanderings of Mounts in World of Warcraft.  Please take a moment to subscribe to the website.  Thanks for stopping by.  Till Next time.

Total Mage

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