Top 5 Evil Things EA Has Done.

Top 5 evil things that EA has done to gamer’s.  Below are the top 5 most aggressive things that EA has done from my perspective.  There is still a long list of things that they have done in addition to these five.  Dues Ex, Mass Effect, and countless other screw ups.  As always you can read the top five, or you can click on the awesome YouTube link and watch the video I made covering the same content.  Either way thanks for stopping by.

EA has a history of being pure evil in the world of Video game publishers. While being profitable is healthy for any company, EA has taken this principle to an extreme. With no regard for there Workers, Investors, or customers EA continually damages relationships where ever it goes.

#5 Studio Closures

EA has a bad habit of buying awesome Studios and then closing after a couple yeas, of over work, underpaid, ridiculous expectations, management style. Among the growing list of closed studios Origin Systems, Bullfrog Productions, West-wood Studios, Mythic Entertainment, most notably Bioware Montreal are the bodies left in the Graveyard that is EA.

#4 Origins

Oh the Horror show that is and was Origin. From losing all your games after to long a period of inactivity. To the aggressive and constant attempts to get you into a micro transaction or Purchased DLC, and even having your account banned for saying things that where critical of EA. Lastly they seem to want to hoard all things that are EA as to soak more of he market share then is truly appropriate.

#3 Dungeon Keeper 2014

This would be the quintessential definition of EA trying to get there hands not only into your back pocket but just straight into your bank account. The loved franchise was ruined with what some gamer’s described as comical levels of Micro transactions.

#2 Battlefield 4 release (and more lawsuits) This highly anticipated game that was marketed as something out of this world by EA turned to dust in the mouths of gamer’s and investors. With limited ability to play the game, Constant crashes of the game and servers, and non existent patching multiple lawsuits came out of the games release. Gamer’s as a whole that sued EA for misleading them and selling a product that simply was not what they had been told it was going to be, Investigations by the FCC into the practice of misleading investors into the viability of the game being far greater then it actually was. This game single-handedly destroyed what little trust EA had with the community,

#1 Star wars Battle Front 2

The game was made correctly, and after many pushed back dates it was released. To be fair we still have not seen the full fall out of this game on EA as a whole. The game was riddled with constant attempts by EA to get you to buy micro transaction. Including locking most of the key hero’s in the star wars universe that requiered30-45 hours of game play to unlock verse spending the money to unlock the hero’s through micro transactions. While EA maintained that they never created a pay to win situation with the game, There is some obvious indications with the setup of the game that they did just that in a covert manner.

Thanks for stopping by. Till Next time.

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