Women Create Petition To Ban Fortnight Because There Boyfriends Are Brainwashed……

Some Women have gone as far as to create a petition that Fortnight be banned because they are losing there boyfriends to this brainwashing video game.  Oh where to start this is just such an awesome bit of stupid my mind races with the multitude of directions my sarcastic riddled heart could take this.


First let us establish this is the most tried and true form of female manipulation known to the male species.  I am not married to someone who would behave this way for one moment.  The game Fortnight or any video game is not the issue here ladies.  The issue exists in some way between the two of you.  It could simply be that the person that your with or where with was an asshole.  They never carried about you and it would have been some other game, or hobby, or person that would inevitably drawn them away from you.

On the other hand it could be you.  Yup that is right.  You could be the issue in this relationship.  Are you giving the other human being enough free time to do the things that they enjoy?  Are you expecting someone who has always been into video games to simply five them up just to spend all there time with you?

I will end this on a personal note.  With the start of total mage back in the beginning of February I have had to change things around in my home office.  At first I just used the furniture that I had.  Somewhere around the 60 mark it was becoming apparent for many reasons that I needed a new Desk.  My wife Elizabeth, being the rock-star that she is began looking for nice used desks on Facebook that would meet my needs.  She found one last week and managed to get them to deliver it to the house for a little extra.  The husband was the one that dropped it off.  When he was putting the new desk down in my office, he commented on the Video game/Anime/ epic backdrop i have up on the wall for my videos.  He said something to the affect, I used to play video games, but then it was an issue with my wife so I stopped.  Now there is the possibility that he was playing to much and could not moderate.  Based off the way my wife relayed the story, it sound more like she did not like it period, and so he quit.  I could never imagine being with someone who doesn’t accept me for being how I am.  If you love someone you should love all of them, and be trying to change the things you do not like in life that they love.

Thanks fro stopping by.

Total Mage.




  1. wow this is ridiculous. i hope those people re-examine their relationships.
    relationships should be about stopping something you enjoy because the other doesn’t.
    i mean.. unless its yknow actually harmful.

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