Is this the new emerging face of video game stores?

I ran across this article in the Chicago tribune, with a local feature.  The article was about a small game store owner who really has a passion for the business he owns; Video Games then and Now.  For the Customers that come through his door.  Why are there so many stores that are closing?  Why are we constantly seeing a looming threat to the death of the stand alone chain video game store?  And how can a little guy like this be running a store and have more business then he knows what to do with?  Ethan Lopez has his store in Hardwood Heights Chicago.  The store exists in the old school manner like something out of the early 90’s.  They have no computer system for the inventory they carry.  When someone comes in looking for a game there is a real interaction that happens between the person buying and the person selling.  This got me thinking…..


Then as the inner business man that works during the day for the Suit company began to rise inside me with the corporate HR answer from years of regimented Customer service training.  Relationships!   Could this be the Key to the survival of the Brick and Mortar Video Game store.  Could the answer to this thing that no one wants to see leave the market be small business.  I and many others in the video game community are of the opinion that once the physical stores are gone, Publishers will have an even greater opportunity to run rough shod over the community at large when it comes to pricing, Content Quality, and customer service.  I also fear that with the death of physical ownership will come the eventual death of all ownership.


Video games will turn into this bent over the barrel scenario where i am paying constantly to access the things I want play.  These small stop gap measures of people continuing to slow the processor complete digitization of the business or even slow it to a halt altogether only come to the benefit of the consumer in my opinion.

EA Evil

I would love to know your thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by.

Total Mage

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